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Fern Reiki Healing Sitzung

The wonderful rain of vital energy

  • 30 Min.
  • 27 Euro
  • Online Meetup


First we are going to talk about your main issue of discomfort, I will ask you some questions and the therapy session will start right after. -Reiki can relax body and mind. It promotes a feeling of calm, relieves fatigue and increases energy. -On an emotional level, it can relieve stress and anxiety, promote emotional liberation. -Is a technique that among other things, balances also the 7 chakras or energy centers of subtle energy. -This energy is not manipulative; the practitioner uses his hands and the energy flows with the intensity and quality intended for the one who is receiving it. -Permeates time and space and thereby allows past events to be reprogrammed and future events to be coordinated. -Helps the person holistically in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body with the aim of not only suppressing the pathology but also returning to the natural and desired state of well-being and bliss. Common Questions How/Where will the session take place? You can choose between a phone call, texting or a video call (whatsapp, zoom, etc) What do i need to do during the healing session? You can sit in an upright position or lay on your back, important is to not cross hands or legs, other than if you are sitting in the meditation cross legged position. Breath normaly, close your eyes and just relax :) You can add some elements like lighting a candle or insene or soft music.


43 68864217021

Hietzinger Hauptstraße 120A, 1130 Vienna, Austria

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